Names for the baby

I’m not pregnant, and I don’t plan on being for another year or something.  but God makes babies not me.

Anyway, my sister IS having a little baby and she hasn’t decided what to name him or her.  I am excited about all of  the joys of pregnancy and mommahood and everything, but I think I am most excited about naming our babies when we have them.  I already have picked out a lot of names.  That probably doesn’t mean much.  I know a lot of people who were certain that their child was going to be named something totally old fashioned and ended up naming them something really really trendy.  So we’ll see when the time comes.

There are a few blogs that I like that are really cool.  Swistle. A name by any other rose. Check them!  You tell the writer a little bit of info about your family and they give suggestions on name combinations that you might like.  I’ve discovered some great ones… it’s a little hard finding names that sound good with Bedenbaugh for sure.  My favorite for a baby girl right now?


Nobody steal it.

And Able for a boy.

I like Juniper but River’s best friends name is Junie.  We like Nehemiah, but Nehemiah Bedenbaugh will be hard for him to spell in kindergarten.  I like Ania but never head of it until we met our friends Matt and Dani, and we would basically be copying them.  I like Clara a little.

More on this topic when I am actually with child.  But really sometimes I actually look in the Little Boden catalogues just to see if those kids have any cool names I might like.

What names do you guys like?  Any good suggestions that might go well with River Grace for my sister?


4 thoughts on “Names for the baby

  1. hmmmmmmmm.
    Well, I really wanted to name Elias – Joaquin, and I would still love if someone would use that name:) Here are some of my faves: Joaquin, Hogan, Judah, Luke and Amos. For girls I like Liberty, Adele, Taleigh, and Elizabeth – call her Betty.


    • OH I also love Luke. I meant to include that. Joaquin is the coolest name ever, and so fun to say! And if I ever had an Elizabeth I would call her Betty/Bet. so cute. You have good taste in names dear.


  2. Luke and I talk about baby names, and have one we love for a girl, and two we love for boys. I have a weird issue with telling people the names because I am so afraid they will use them. Horrible and selfish, right?

    But I used to want to name my daughter Magnolia (call her maggie for short) or Ramona :)


    • Oh Kels, totally not selfish. People are starting to name their girls Lucy and it’s starting to make me worried! haha Ramona and Magnolia Longino sound perfect.


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