Health and massage therapy

I’m home from work, getting ready to go on a coffee date with my friend Lizzy, and my mouth is mad at me for eating too many bites of pineapple.  Seems like the perfect time to share some things!

I’m going to try a challenge- blog every day for the month of January starting now.  :)  We shall see where this takes us…

So, there is something I am considering.  Anyone ever heard of a Mayan massage?  It’s supposed align all of the organs in your tummy , help with digestive problems, and rid the body of toxins.  It also corrects a lot of female problems in the uterus including muscle cramps, infertility, and increases blood flow.  I’m looking into this natural way of curing some things that are going on with me, and I’ll do a review on it if I find a place close to me that does this!

Also on the health front-

I’ve taken my vitamins every single day.

I’ve stuck to my meal plan for 3 days.

I joined the gym.

I took my first ballroom lesson and it actually kicked my bottom a little bit.  I thought it was going to be easy shmeasy since I swing dance, but it worked my legs out wonderfully.  Seriously, if you think you are bad at dancing or won’t like it, you should totally try it.  It’s a fun workout in any case.

I’ve been adding ground flaxseed to everything.  It’s awesome.

So that’s that.

Also check out this girl.  One dress protest.  She is so cool.  She’s wearing the same black dress every day for a whole year.


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