New year things

I kind of wanted to do a favorite memories of the year post.  Or a top things I’ve learned.  Or something a little bit like that to end this year on my blog with a big finale bang.  But this year has been full of too many great things, I’ve learned more than I can really share, and New Years resolutions seem like good ideas but somehow I never seem to stick to them longer than a week.

So here is my final blog of the year and it’s going something like this…

New Years THINGS.  Things sound good right?  That way I can say, “Hey I’m trying this new thing out and I’ll see how it goes.”  No resolutions for me!  So, first thing first.

I’m doing a crazy diet.  Adam told me I couldn’t do anything that wasn’t a lifestyle change, something I’ll keep on doing forever.  That way I won’t burn out, I won’t get tired, I won’t feel guilty about falling off the bandwagon.  I’m excited.  It’s going something like organic as much as possible, almond butter, lots of fresh things, maybe whatever looks good on the Whole Foods shelf.  I’ll also be discovering more about quinoa, gnocchi, and maybe experimenting with vegetables I’ve never eaten.  This blog won’t (maybe won’t) turn into a food blog, but it’ll probably have some food discoveries and recipes for all of you cookers.  Anyway, I got some great vitamins in my stocking, so I’m starting with that.

Second- Exercise in the form of dance, rock climbing, and classes/machines at the gym.  In my dream world this would include ballet and modern dance at Ballet Austin… a girl can wish!  But I have a little bit of allowance, so maybe I’ll make it work.  We’re also being treated to ballroom lessons with some friends, and I’m sort of inspired to start running.  Adam says half marathon in February (way too soon), but I figure I’ll work it out on the treadmill.  I have a hate-love relationship with running.  Any tips?

3rd. Write more.  Blog more.  What do you guys like reading about?  I know you read.  One day last week there were 98 of you peepers!  Thank you for reading by the way.  I think most of you are just friends keeping up with me through this, but I want to know your favorites.  Also, someday, I dream of blog giveaways.

Four- Organize my things.  And number one on organizing is seriously getting rid of clothes that I don’t absolutely love.  The problem here is that I actually wear all of my clothes, even the ones I don’t love.  I like variety.  I like borrowing other people’s clothes.  I also like the same thing every day.  Does that even make sense?  It’s probably going to go something like this… put all of my least favorites in a box for 6 months, and if at the end of 6 months I don’t go fishing through that box for something, I’ll give it away.  Also on my consideration list… a clothing exchange for all of you my girl friends?

5. Develop my photography skills.  This may include books, photoshop, a new lens, and a possible class.

I keep this list to 5 because it’s New Years things.  Probably by February I’ll have some extra goals and I’ll have learned some things in the areas above.  I also feel like this list is probably the very same as last year.  And I have some other things on my more personal list that I’ll be focusing on.

And one last thing, we’re doing Thrifty November all over again, only for a long time.  Kind of like Thrifty 2011.  Keep you posted :)

So Happy New years to you guys!  I’ll catch you on the flip side.


3 thoughts on “New year things

  1. I’d just like to say that some of the clothes I wear most often are the ones you left in PA… your gray and tan sweater cardigans have kept me very warm this fall & winter. I love you for leaving them and I would love you for bringing your “6-months-forgotten” box of clothes with you in JUNE/JULY. :-D

    Also, I love reading this. All of this. Every post.


    • Oh Kaybear, you can have my six months clothes! :) I will bring them with me on my road trip to see you get married!!!! I love you. Also, if I find any house things that you might want, you can have them for your new sweet home.


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