Warming Up the House

Before I left for the holidays, we threw a housewarming party for my pretty friend Ells.  Fresh tacos, new jute rugs, and some old dishes from Anthropologie.  It was a pretty good party!

She lives in a cool studio apartment that is right on the lake.  They have deer that literally greet you when your car drives up, and it’s so peaceful there.  I’m thinking this is going to be a little home away from home (away from home, since I’m reminded how much I LOVE Columbia).  And since I have a little bit of free time and some internet, this post is going to be followed by some other things pre-Christmas!

By the way, those tacos were amazing!  My recommendation for some wonderful, fresh, healthy, vegetarian tacos is as follows:

Flour Tortillas- preferably fresh or homemade. Corn if you are gluten free or just like those better

Black beans


Fresh mango pico de gallo (Ours came from the grocery, but homemade would be amazing)

Feta cheese- we used garlic and herb

Tomatillo salsa for a little spice

I don’t have recipes for the above items, but you can’t go wrong!  They are so good, and the feta is a great surprising change.



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