Treat every day like Christmas

If you are wondering what this slightly teary eyed, fresh faced, morning smile is all about, it’s because I got a new camera for Christmas from my Adam!  This weekend on Saturday morning Adam and I celebrated our first Christmas together.  Slightly overwhelmed with excitement about this new thing.  I’ve got some photography books to read up on, but I’m pretty excited!  He got sailing lessons, and I get to go do that too.  What an amazingly sweet day.

And, this weekend was Christmas Fest!  I took a few pictures while we were watching Elf that I can’t even bring myself to post because they are kind of stinky compared to these beauties.  But Adam made some DELICIOUS homemade eggnog, and if you want the recipe because you were wanting some of that goodness, just comment and I’ll post a recipe for you.

Nobody came to our caroling party… so Adam and I decided to sing carols together to Jesus, see the new Narnia movie, and went driving to see some Christmas lights!  It was a fun party for the two of us!


And after all of the sweetness of friends and hymns, warm drinks with cinamon sticks, apple pancakes and full stockings, we ended the weekend with a dear Com Group christmas party.  It was filled with wassail and cheese trays, a lively rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, dirty santa with a whole lot of starbucks gift cards, and 4 on a couch (the best party game!).



And the best part of the weekend is that I can’t stop thinking about Jesus.  I keep daydreaming about is his birth, childhood, best friends, helping daddy make things, spilling milk on the floor, holding little baby lambs in the Temple, laughing, Mary and Joseph and all of his siblings telling funny stories together.  I know the Bible doesn’t tell all of those stories, but there was a 33 year old life that He lived on earth, and I bet they were filled with a lot of really sweet things.  I love that!

And we still get to spend another sweet 2 weeks with our family.  This season has been beautiful.



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