Little drummer boy


Maybe not the best picture that you have ever seen, but last night I sang my heart out at Adam’s Christmas show featuring Ellen on the lyrics and me on the background vocals (of just a single tune).  It was really fun!  And the reason why I haven’t blogged in a week… because I was practicing singing AND piano.  Yes, I played a song.  On the piano.  I just hit a couple of notes here and there, but I kept a tune and didn’t even mess up.  I’m so thankful!  Happy Birthday Jesus!

Last night kicked off Christmas Fest, which is a 4 day weekend of Christmas parties!  Adam spent this afternoon cooking up some homemade eggnog for tonight’s movie night, and tomorrow we are celebrating our first Christmas together (a couple of weeks early).

Some things you can be looking forward to from this weekend:



Christmas morning


Wassail and cookies

The 12 days of Christmas

Dirty Santa


Christmas lights

Everyone dressed up!


I wish everyone that reads this could come celebrate with us this weekend too.



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