Thrifty November is over, and it was so much fun!  I hope it encouraged you in a way or two, and that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Now, onto Christmas!

Our tree is up, our nativity out, our Christmas Fest planned, and our road trip to SC and PA is in the making.  So far, I’ve been tempted by far more party food than is necessary or desirable, yet I can’t seem to stay away from the snacks (see previous post).  My friend suggested that this year we all have a “skinny christmas” … which sounds great to me, except that I haven’t really been given the opportunity to eat skinny foods.  Within the past month I have been diagnosed with 2 health problems that have a lot to do with my eating habits- problems with my thyroid and problems with my digestive system.  Both of those are enough to make me want to change my terrible habits of eating fatty foods on a regular basis, but for some reason I just haven’t been committed to it yet.  I know something’s gotta give soon.

Over the years I’ve sort of toyed with lifestyle changes ranging from loose vegetarian to only raw foods, and in betweens of gluten free, whole foods, or vegan.  I have yet to actually commit to any of those, and probably because the number one staple in our house is pasta.  Which I believe is forbidden in most of the categories listed above.  For now, I’ve just cut out coffee (mostly) and I eat All Bran cereal everyday for breakfast.  It has helped some.

I have a friend who has a blog called From Pizza to Quinoa.  It documents some of her recipes and stories about eating healthy and mostly gluten/dairy free.  I’m for sure on the pizza side of this journey, though I definitely had quinoa for the 1ST time over Thanksgiving and it was yum.  I like to pretend I’m a health nut, but I think it’s mostly a wanna be status.  My sister is and I wish I was more like her.  And to prove it, you can check out my facebook status of the week… cheese and wine and puppy chow.  That was my dinner one night.  Terrible, I know!  So, I’m still working on it.

What does this have to do with Christmas?  Everything.  December should probably just be called Sugarsnackcember or something because it’s a month of snack food.  Just this week, I’ve already been GIVEN a cake, sugar cookies, a chocolate covered apple, a package of caramel, and I made the puppy chow all by myself.  And we haven’t even gone to any parties yet.

I’m trying to discover subtle ways to improve my eating habits, and especially snack habits this Christmas.  I  mean, I’ve read magazine articles about how to do this, and know that for my own body’s sake I should make these changes.  But I’m trying to find the motivation for it.  Adam surprised me with a membership to the gym, and I think that’s gonna be the ticket!  I will go if we are paying for it.  And I hate to exercise just to come home and eat foods that will basically undo all of my hard work.  So there we have it.  I probably just blogged all of this just so I could be motivated to make a gym schedule.

Does anyone else out there eat too much holiday food?

Maybe I should make some New Years resolutions?



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