These are the days when we hold close to our hearts the things that are precious to us.  When we spend our days doing special things just because it is the holidays, and get together with our family to celebrate all of the things that we maybe forgot to remember throughout the year.  In light of tomorrow’s sweet day of family, turkey, and giving thanks I’d like to leave you a list of things I’m thankful for.

First, my God.  Thank you for being Father, Jesus, and Spirit in me and for teaching me so much this year.  I am especially thankful for Be Transformed, and for the freedom that I have found in living in the Spirit.  This year has been one of tremendous spiritual growth for me and I am really thankful to Matt and Dani, and my Lord for that.

2. My husband.  I have loved this first year of marriage more than I even thought possible.  It is better than all I hoped for and all that I imagined.  Adam is the most giving, loving, talented, and God fearing man that I have ever known and I am so proud to be his wife.

3. My brother is marrying the sweetest girl, and I’m proud to have her in our family.  Mr. and Mrs. Bucky McPherson

4. My adorable momma, our phone calls and conversations, and that she learned how to text so that we could keep in touch during the work days.

5. My daddy is still here, breathing and living, and I get to see him again on this earth in just a few weeks.

6. My sweet sister and my sweet niece and my sweet brother in law.

7. My Memaw who calls me her brown eyed girl.

8. The community that we have become a part of here in Temple.

9. My scarf that I wear every day.

10. Plugging in the christmas tree lights that sit in a basket beside our back porch, lighting the smell good candles, cuddling under the big brown blanket, and watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother with my Ad.

11. Homemade bread or scones on a Saturday morning.

12. Sequins on my shoes.

13. My little sweet Will at work who calls hamburgers “hannegers”, and waffles “awefuls”, and santa clause “ho ho”.

14. Adam and Ellen practicing “Yellow Bird” to sing at Thanksgiving tomorrow.


Happy Thanksgiving, guys.  I’ll be back in a few days with some sweet pictures and stories from my weekend here in Georgetown.


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