This will be my first married Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  Which means that we get to combine old family traditions with our new ideas to create something that works for our family.  It’s kind of exciting.

Next Friday we are putting up our Christmas tree, and it will be my very first REAL tree.  I mean a real tree in our house with the pine needles that smell like heaven.  I’ve always wanted one of those, and I’m so excited!!!  I’m going to pick out one with lots of character.  And as I was sharing in my last post about making our own ornaments… we aren’t actually anymore.  My mom decided to give us the exact ones that I was wanting, so we get to start our tree off with ornaments that are probably going to end up as family heirlooms.  So sweet.

Adam and I have already picked out dinner for our first Christmas tree decorating night and we are making homemade Glögg, cheese and crackers, and maybe some fruit and chocolate.  And he is going to learn some Christmas songs to sing around the fire on Christmas Eve.  This year my momma’s side of the family is renting a cabin and we are spending Christmas there for the very first time.  All kind of new things!

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?  Maybe we will adopt it :)


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