Sweet God

It’s been one week since we started being thrifty.

So far we’ve been able to save almost half of my paycheck, and we’ll be able to save even more of the next one.  I know that’s a really honest statement, and more than a lot of people are able to save.  We are so blessed.  Blessed because my husband makes enough money to support us all by himself.  Blessed because I get to work and save all of those pennies that I’m making.  Blessed because we have abundantly more than we need, and sometimes more than we even want.  Blessed because we know that saving our money is better than spending it on out to eat, things we don’t really need, huge purchases for our house that can wait until we take care of the more important things.  Our main goal of this saving spree is to pay off all of our student loans, save up a great fund for emergencies (because we really don’t want to have to ride our bicycles for 4 months again next summer), and be able to give more.  And to buy Christmas presents for people and go on road trips to all of the weddings that are taking place next summer.

I say all of these things because not only am I seeing a lot of changes in my attitude about things, but also because the Lord has been giving away free things to us all week long.  This week was supposed to be called “No-Eat-Out November”, but I don’t even know what to call it anymore.  This week I have literally had out to eat food 5 times, and I didn’t even pay for a single one of those meals.

Today, a sweet friend brought his kids over to hang out with Adam and me, and he brought lunch for us.  And while we were sitting outside having our free picnic lunch we were given free popsicles by the neighbors.

The other day, a friend gave us some coasters from Spain and some kitchen jars.

Also the other day, I inherited a free sister.  :)

We have been loved and blessed this week in more ways than I can even count, and I know it’s from choosing to be faithful to what God would have us do with the money He has given us.  It’s not always an easy thing to do, but it’s full of so many sweet things.

My challenge to you is to see where God is asking you to trust Him and live a little different, or a little thrifty, or a little crazy.  And see if He doesn’t open up His storehouse and pour out all kinds of things that you never would have noticed otherwise.


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