Tomatoes and Cheese.

My absolute favorite combination of ingredients these days.  I have 2 particular recipes to divulge and no pictures whatsoever because the food is just that good.

My first favorite is tri-colored bow tie pasta, diced tomatoes, golden cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese.  So delicious!  Cook up the pasta, toss with a little buttersaltpepper, add tomatoes and cheese.  The easiest and most delicious dinner I make on a regular basis.  It takes 15 minutes tops!

My second favorite is a side dish, and easier than the first.  Buy a little container of grape tomatoes.  Buy a little container of Sunberry tomatoes (the best and cheaper too!  They are yellow in color).  Buy a little container of fresh mozzarella balls.  Mix all of the ingredients together and sprinkle with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  SO GOOD!!!


The best thing is, tomatoes are so healthy and so low in calories.  They are so tasty and so easy to prepare.  They taste the best when eaten raw.  And the two recipes above are colorful and make a really pretty plate.  Start eating tomatoes!!!


My next post will be dramatically exciting, so keep your eyes peeled and your anticipation up!



2 thoughts on “Tomatoes

  1. Oh yummy! I’m going to make the first one for my lunch today :0) I can’t wait for your next blog, they always make me smile!


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