Thrifty November

Adam and I decided to start our thrifty month a few days early.  It’s been so hard but really freeing at the same time.  How?  I want to buy everything that I see.  I know that I can’t buy anything that I see.  So I stopped looking at things the store that aren’t on my list.  It was a little bit overwhelming at first to think that we wouldn’t be buying anything except for those things that we definitely need (toilet paper, toothpaste, milk?).  But as I ponder the next few weeks and months it’s exciting that I get to plan really fun and ingenious things that don’t cost anything.

My friend Amanda is going on a mission trip to China next week, and she and her husband have been saving saving saving for a long time to raise the money they need.  I got a few ideas from her, and I’ve been looking online, talking to other friends, and brainstorming with Adam on ways to save.  Here are some of my favorites:

1. Coffee date night at home.  We got an espresso maker as a wedding gift so we can make really great dessert drinks made from the things we already have in our cabinets and fridge!  Even if you only have a regular coffee pot, there are some great homemade coffee creamer recipes that I’ve found…  Cinnamon Strudel Coffee Creamer anyone?  Just light a couple of candles, put on some relaxing or finger snapping music, and enjoy that homemade latte like you payed for it.

2. Take a walk.  It’s really good for you, really entertaining, and a good excuse to enjoy the weather.  It’s fall time right now, so weather your days are still on the warmer side or cooling down to peacoat weather, now is the time to be outside.  As much as possible!  You can take your ipod along and sing songs, push your babies around in the stroller and gather pretty leaves, count how many street signs you pass as you try and jog just a couple of seconds more.  My personal favorite is to bring my favorite man and camera along and make a photo shoot out of it!  Totally free.

3. Read really fun books.  Open all of the windows and let the breeze flow through the house, cuddle up underneath a really great blanket, and read something that is exciting to you in place of going out.

4. Go to the park with a picnic blanket, a guitar (or a friend/husband who plays guitar), some snacks, and a game or two.  I could let a whole day go buy outside doing this.  You could also try the dam or pier at a nearby lake, a river that flows through your city, the ocean if you live close enough, a mountain trail.  Anywhere.

5. Cut coupons or print them off online.  This may seem like the annoying thing to do, especially when you might be holding up the line at the grocery store, but it can save you a ton of money.  Especially on things that you absolutely must have.  I’ve never been a coupon person, but I’m going to turn myself into one.

6.  Dumpster dive.  Thrift shop.  Curb pick-up.  Yard Sale.  Free craigslist.  You get the idea.  We might have a yard sale of our own and sell some things on ebay.

7.  Blog giveaways.  They are so easy, and sometimes you win!  Most of the time you just have to comment on what item in the giveaway you like best and you are entered.  You never know with this one, but it’s really fun.


There will be more of this, so be ready!  And if you think of any great money saving ideas, let me know!  I’m excited about all of our sure to come adventures, maybe some meltdowns, hopefully not some meltdowns, and a lot of really fun times together.


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