Pumpkins and Wassail

This weekend has been one full of all of my favorite things!

Swing dancing and frozen custard

Cooking with my husband

Pumpkins and wassail

A really long nap and bible study

Ah, it’s been so lovely.  I haven’t been dancing in a while, and there was a time when I could dance 20 hour weekends without sore muscles.  On Friday we only danced 2 and a half, and I feel it like I’ve never felt it.  But oh it feels so good.  These tired muscles wouldn’t change anything, except that maybe they got more dance time.  It looks like I’m finally getting back into the swing of things… no pun intended.

The next day we had a pumpkin party at our house!  A lot of friends came over and we went to the pumpkin patch together (or puckin fatch as the little boy I nanny for so preciously refers to it).  We picked out our favorite pumpkins, headed back to our house for some homemade chili, and settled in for a pumpkin carving contest!  God even sent some wind through our windows to make it feel more like fall, and we all sipped wassail and got cozy as we carved.  It was so dear.




I carved a tree.


The chili was very delicious!  Adam sent me the recipe about a year ago to help my family get through the cold winter, and it’s been a staple ever since.  I change up the recipe all the time to match whatever ingredients I have in my kitchen, but here is a good start to some really tasty homemade chili.  I’ve used spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, whatever I have in the kitchen.  That changes the taste slightly, but it’s always delicious!  And you can kind of make up the spices as you go.  I sometimes add more cumin that is really necessary, but only because I really like that spice.  It’s hard to mess up a pot of this goodness, so have at it!

And finally, praise the Lord for his sweetness.  I have been really blessed by the bible study we are doing called “Be Transformed”, and I think that anyone on this side of Texas should come do it too.  Another post for another day.  But it is seriously life changing.

Love you.


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