Farm Cottage and Thrifty November

Alas, my farmhouse dreams did not come true.


In Texas, that is.  I’m sure that someday I’ll have my cottage with hard wood floors, a great kitchen, fireplace, and enough space to have my whole family come for Christmas.  How delightful!  And we’ll be able to tear down and build up and buy all of the cute things off of etsy that I’ve always wanted!  And even if not, I’m still excited about the possibilities.  Besides, my dream farm cottage isn’t here in Temple, so I’m holding out!

For when we have babies.  :)

Anyways we are trying to be really thrifty from now until… well… an unknown point when we meet some of our goals.  I’ve deemed next month as “No Eating Out November”, and we’ve got some plans on how to make these next few months really great frugal months.  I’m excited about learning some good ways to freeze food for leftovers and be prepared for the times we need to get dinner really quickly.  I’m probably going to bring out the crock pot a LOT, and I foresee soup and chili as an every other day occurrence.  We’ve also got some good Christmas ideas.  Adam has a new screen printer, and a little birdie told me that I might be inheriting a sewing machine from my Memaw.  So with that in mind, any present requests?!

When next month gets here, I’ll try and have all of my notes together for some money saving posts.  And I know that God is going to be teaching my heart some things too.  I’m kind of good at spending money.

And on that note, let me know what your favorite money saving tip for the fall/winter season is!


One thought on “Farm Cottage and Thrifty November

  1. i have LOTS of thrify ideas since we have also been trying not to spend lots of money (since we are going on our mission trip to China, in less that two weeks now). Here are a few things we have come up with – buy some special coffee mix (we got french vanilla) and when you want to have a coffee date you already have some! instead of going shopping try taking a walk together, or watch a movie you already have (cuddling of course) and if you get the urge to spend money have a dollar day – with your dollar you can rent a movie from redbox (be sure to return it) or go to a thrift store and see if you can find a little treasure to satisfy your shopping needs. instead of going out to dinner with friends have them over to your house and cook:) so these are just a few of our suggesetions. i love you!!


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