Yard Sales and Dreams

Yesterday my love and I woke up at the wee hours of the morning to go find some treasures at yard sales.  I just love them!  We went with the hope of finding a sewing machine so that I can start altering my clothes a bit, and begin selling some clutches and bags on etsy.  Someday we will get there.  I didn’t find that, but we did find some awesome books, a purse that I’m in love with, and a cute parasol for the occasional photo shoot out in the sun.  It was a precious treasure hunt despite the fact that we didn’t find what we wanted.  That’s the beauty of yard sales!

One of the yard sales we went to was a little ways out in the country.  It was an old farm house right off of a little dirt road called Short Cut.  It wasn’t a short cut to anything, but the lady that was having the sale informed us that the neighbor’s house would be coming up for rent in 2 weeks.

It immediately pulled at my heart strings.

A cute little old white farm house, right off of a dirt road, only a few minutes away from town.  Practically my dream house.  I don’t know what the inside looks like, but I’m dreaming about it.  I imagine it has a loft, hardwood floors, a big kitchen.  The cabinets are glass.  Perfect!  At least I hope so.  I don’t even know if it’s realistic for us to move there, but it makes me feel happy to think about good things in this town.  Like old farmhouses.  Adam said we can call and maybe go look at the inside of it, get more details and all of that.  I know that holding this little dream in my heart could amount to only a distant happy thought, but I also know that the Lord is good and He provides.  So I know that if that little white house off Short Cut Road is ours to have that we will have it no problems.  I’m trusting my husband and believing the Lord.  But I’m also not going to come even close to attaching myself to it.  We shall see.

One of the weird things about moving out of our apartment into a house would be the permanence of it.  It’s easy to understand that we are only here for a little while as we live out of a little apartment.  That way when we move we are only saying goodbye to this plain place, packing up all of our things into a tiny little trailer and heading east.  So the thing about renting a farmhouse is that we will have more space, more things to pack up, more attachments.  Dreams are scary like that sometimes.

Oh Lord, make it obvious.

Another thing that’s been on my heart lately is how often do I live life with the people that I call my friends?  Sometimes we just talk about normal every day things, and thats ok a lot of times.  But how often do I take the time to hear their deeper heart things, and how often do I share mine?  So I’m thinking about what it means to really know my friends.  To really pray for them, share my coat off my back, have my house open for anyone that needs to come in.  And how many people do I just know from their facebooks and blogs and pictures and a quick hug i love you we should really get coffee soon.  I want to really know people.

Do life with me?






One thought on “Yard Sales and Dreams

  1. I totally understand! I long for a day when I can clean my own house, paint the walls with out thinking about having to paint them back, and even attempt to have a garden. (I say attempt because I tend to kill things that are green and pretty.)


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