It’s my party, I can cry if I want to

As you know, this past weekend was my special birthday weekend.

It was indeed special… Adam swept me away to go beach camping on Padre Island!  Nothing really went according to plan, but it was still the best birthday I’ve ever had.  I could start from the beginning and tell all of the stories from the whole 5 days of birthday goodness, but I think it would be a little bit easier to just list the pros and cons.  This may be in chronological order.


We lost a tire on the way to the beach, and had to go 35 mph the. whole. way. there.  It took 10 hours.  I was grumpumpy.

I made Adam grumpy too.  :(

It was quite dark when we finally arrived at 10 pm, and we were so excited to get into our tent and get to bed.  But when we opened the car door we were mosquito swarmed.  I mean they were lining the walls and ceiling of our car, and also they were covering our skin and our seats and our bags… you get the idea.  No camping for us.

We spent a few hours on saturday getting new tires on our car.

At this point the trip turns into awesome.


We got a really nice hotel with an ocean view for a few bucks because it was so late at night!

We walked along the ocean the next morning, held hands, talked.  The water was actually pretty spectacular all things considered.  We found a little pier and watched turtles stick their heads out of the water and fish jumping.  It was amazing!

The Texas State Aquarium dolphins were really cute, and I wanted to adopt them.

We skipped night two of our weekend and opted to explore San Antonio on our way back home.  This time, the drive was only 5 hours.

San Antonio river walk is amazing.

So is Acenar, where we ate dinner!  It was a very fancy mexican restaurant right on the river walk, at sunset, on the balcony.  Perfect.  Our waiter made homemade guacamole on a little cart right in front of our table.  We got the best seats in the house, because our little corner of the balcony was tucked away so that nobody could see us.  Which was good for me because I got to have a good dinner cry and it was so perfect.  And if you ever visit Texas, this would be the place to go.

My friends surprised me with a fondu dinner on Sunday night because of the disappointing trip.  They are awesome.  We ate cheese and chocolate, danced in my living room, listened to music, and painted together.  It was my ideal night.

I got some good presents.

River called me on my real birthday and sang me a song.

The kids at work got me cupcakes and a gift card to Bodega Bean.  And I didn’t have to send anyone to time out that day.

My main awesome thought is how great Adam was the whole weekend.  Even when our exciting plans failed.  Even when we had to keep making up new things to do and nothing went according to the directions on the list he made for us to do.  Even when I cried and was sad hearted and selfish because my birthday was a womp.  Even through all of that, he was so wonderful and selfless.  I wish that I was more like Adam, who is so Christ-like to me.  And never changes that even when the circumstances are hard.  Thank you, love.

Back to birthday.  It turned out to be such a sweet weekend.  I learned a lot about how it’s not about me.  And that’s a real treasure to know.

Happy Birthday :)


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