Birthday Daydreams

So here I am, one week before my 23rd birthday!  I feel like I’m getting old, but not too old to have a birthday party.  I know that Adam has some surprises in store for me… a weekend getaway of some sort!  I have a few guesses and a few day dreams that would never happen, but I’m excited.  I’m also considering a night out (or in) with friends and I’m available for suggestions!  :)  Here is my day dream list if I could spend my birthday any way I wanted to.

1. With my friends and family in SC!  I’d probably start the day with a delicious brunch at Adrianna’s (I’d bring it back to life, just for this very special day).  Then I’d spend the afternoon in Charleston shopping and beaching.  And then I’d come back and swing dance the night away, followed by dessert at Nonnah’s and drinks at Goatfeathers.  Finally, I’d go sit on the roof top until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and have a sleepover at Megan’s house.  (and adam could sleep there too?)

2. I’d fly away to a little house in Brooklyn NYC that we have been eyeing.  I’d start the day with a run across the Brooklyn Bridge down to my favorite pizza place.  Wait in line the 2 hours it would take to get my pizza (so worth it!).  Go shopping and see a show.  And then wait for all of my family and friends from Newtown to meet me at the train station and we’d all go back to my Brooklyn house for roasted marshmallows on the back patio.

3. St. Barths.  (This would probably be my first dream)

4. or Europe.  Could I even go to Europe for a weekend?  Probably not.

5. Beach camping with my favorite Texans on a random island off the coast.  Lots of hiking, games, camping, exploring, guitar circles, and roasted marshmallows.

6. A bed and breakfast in a town I’ve never been in with my beloved.  We would explore the city, find neat little treasures in local stores, eat at delicious places we’ve never been to, and probably visit 4 or 5 different coffee shops.  And I would take a lot of pictures.  Or better, someone would be invisible on our trip to take a lot of pictures of us together!

7. White truffle pasta and fondu at home with my favorite friends, all of us cozy at my house, talking and laughing the night away.  Everyone would be smiling and happy and love each other.  It would be fall time outside, not hot.  That way we could open the windows and let the breeze flow through the house!  And we would open presents together (everyone would have a present). And then maybe we would paint on a canvas and hang it above my couch.  This might be my favorite daydream.

Only one week left until I get to find out what really will happen on my birthday!

Sigh, from here until Christmas is the best time of year.


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