Kitchen Wish-list: Splurge Edition

Here is my ideal list of things that I would buy for my kitchen if I had the dimes…

Turquoise and Green

Turquoise Mug $32 each Etsy.

I could totally fill up my cabinets with a few of these.  I imagine my inspiration as I sip coffee out of them on a cool fall morning…  Pair them with the following cute things.

Dimple Coffee Mug $25 each Etsy.

Oh joyful mornings!

3-D Toile Half Apron $28 Anthropologie

Oh man, I would want to be baking all of the time.  Adam couldn’t pull me out of the kitchen in this one, and I’d probably put it on before guests arrive at my house just because it’s that cute!

Helix Cocktail Glass $18 each Anthropologie

I’d pour myself some sparkling water and add a splash of lime!

KitchenAid Mixer in pistachio $349.99

I stole this from Megan‘s blog.  It’s perfect.  We already have one, but ours is white (which matches our kitchen anyway).  This would definitely be an unnecessary splurge.

Arteriors Turquoise Smoke Porcelain Lamp Shade $258

Wowza.  I’m a big fan of alternative lightings in places that you normally wouldn’t expect them.  Sure, you need good overhead lighting for cooking meals.  But at night time when you just want a little ambiance in your kitchen so you can grab a quick glass of chocolate milk, nothing beats a good table lamp (on the counter!).  If only we had counter space.  I might pick a different lamp shade… maybe.

And finally, the inspiration that started this color scheme… the window in our kitchen!

Please forgive the dying plants and the big trash dump outside our window… they are painting our apartment complex, and I think we are ending the basil and sunberry season :)

If you could buy any of these things for my kitchen, what would you choose?  If anything gets a lot of votes, I may go ahead and splurge :)


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Wish-list: Splurge Edition

  1. i’m in love with the lamp AND the apron, both are adorable. the mixer is as well (just because of the color) but since you already have one……did you know that you are decorating w/ my fav color – and that was the color used in my wedding, lol. love ya lots my dear friend


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