Bird plates (and I’m officially a…)

Soccer nanny.

We woke up this morning and went to watch the twins soccer game.  All of those little 4 year olds running around in a big clump on the field, tripping each other, picking the ball up with their hands, ignoring the whistle.  It was pretty awesome.  Whenever the boys were on the field at the same time, one of them would push the other one down on the ground and then steal the ball away…  every. single. time… who cares about the rules anyways.  Kind of like tackle soccer?

I’m admitting with this post that I do, actually, am beginning to kind of probably like my job.  At least sometimes.  When I’m not working.  Just kidding.

Onto bigger and better things.  Adam and I had a falling out of sorts last night.  To remind you, Friday nights are date nights.  We went to the most amazing Mexican food restaurant ever, called Chuy’s.  Perfect fresh salsa and jalapeno lime ranch.  Absurdly yummy fajitas and stuffed poblanos.  It’s a real gem, and I’m salivating over the food in remembrance.  Adam just heated up the leftovers as I type and I might even depart from this post for a few minutes to eat my leftovers.  So good.  And we were supposed to top off the evening with swing dancing but we were literally just too stuffed to dance.  So what all good couples do on date night when they are too full to go dancing… we went shopping.

It was very fun!  I got some cute sandals and a flower print skirt.  Adam looked around in the sporting goods store.  And we then we met up at Marshall’s.

I shall say that we are currently in the middle of re-decorating our house.  We have started with the kitchen and are doing a color scheme of browns, turquoise, and greens.  We were holding hands, giggling our way through the store when I spotted some awesome square dinner plates…. a nice turquoise-y blue with a green bird and some flowers.  I’m not sure it sounds good all typed out ,but in person they are just beautiful.  And perfectly match our kitchen.  I asked Adam if I could get them ($2 each!) and he sort of huh hummed something about “Um, sure honey.”  I went ahead and decided that I would get 4 of them, in the event that we have company and want to eat off of our awesome square bird plates.  And Adam says something like “(sigh) Ok, that’s fine, get 4”.  That might sound like a go to most wives, but I could tell underneath all that was a definitive “no”.  My emotions of his disapproval overwhelmed me as I turned in a huffy state of nevermindididntevenwantthemthatbadlytobeginwith and decided it was high time we left the store.  We tried to talk it out in the aisle to which Adam decides that he was going to have to sacrifice all the ideas he had for the house and let me do what I wanted.  I burst into tears.

We left the store without dinner plates.

Adam, being the sweet husband that he is, wanted to hold my hand as we walked out of the store, down the strip of stores, to our parked car.  I didn’t want to, but I did anyway.  And then he opened the car door for me, and I got inside and insisted that we drive home.  But my good man thought we needed to talk it out right away.  I was silent.  In my head thinking, “What?!  talk it out!  I just found awesome dinner plates that you don’t like and I never heard you say before that you had a lot of ideas about what you wanted to do to our house.  And you don’t even have to eat off the plates.  I’ll just put them in a box under my side of the bed and get them out each meal and you can eat off of the plain white ones we already have”.

As it turns out, communication is always better than the silent treatment.  We talked it out and I learned that one of Adam’s most important features that he wants our house to have is plain white dishes.  All of them white.  He doesn’t like mix-matched dishes.  And I learned that he doesn’t know how to see the big picture… when I show him little pieces that we will put together to make something marvelous, he only decides that it is in fact marvelous when it’s all put together.  Individually, the pieces that I pick out are a little bit ugly to him.  I get that.  I got to share that growing up I always told my mom that I would have all my dishes different and that none of them would match!  haha.  But, we both learned that we are going to have to decide to compromise and find something that we both find beautiful.  And that’s what our whole life is going to be like.  And that’s ok.  It’s part of sanctification and becoming more like Jesus.

By the end of the night, we were both laughing again.  I did want to hold his hand, I was still glad to be married to such an awesome man, and I was not concerned that we left without those plates.  (but my birthday is in a few weeks….)  just kidding :)

In the end, it opened up a lot of doors that needed to be opened for our communication.  We now are both free to share our opinions about what we do definitely like and do definitely NOT like as we define our sense of decorating style.  And we have both agreed to find things we both love no matter how far and wide we have to look, and no matter how long that might take.  It was definitely worth the tears and a missed night of dancing.


2 thoughts on “Bird plates (and I’m officially a…)

  1. love this. My dream house is a rickety old cape cod-y farmhouse with fifty billion colors and a million different floral-y bird-y plates. Nick wants white EVERYTHING. Five years into marriage, we’re still battling it out, sister. Battling it out in the sense that we have all white plates and each holiday, I use my floral napkins wrapped up in twine or something:)


    • haha, I think Adam maybe would approve of some cute napkins. It’s ok, he does most of the cooking anyways. :) The cape-cod cottage sounds dreamy.


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