A few good things

Sorry for the delay in blogging my friends. (Sort of.)

I’ve been visiting my daddy in SC for a few quick days and haven’t had internet access.  So it’s pretty true that I’ve been missing my blog, but not true that it wasn’t worth every moment of time spent with family.  I have a lot to share on the matter and I’ll save that for another time.  For now, here are some happy things.

A conversation heard in the backseat of my car on the way home from the Austin airport.  (Note: Adam and I are overnight babysitting for the nanny kids)

Will “My tail hurts.”

Alex “Tigers have tails.  And elephants.  Tigers and elephants have tails.  You are a people, and people do not have tails.”

Will “My tail hurts.”

It was awesome.  Also, I’m glad to know that I am a people.

On another note, I bought a cardigan at Target a few weeks ago and I cannot stop wearing it.  I haven’t even washed it yet.  It’s dark gray and I wear it with everything, even when it’s still smoking hot in Texas (I did promise that I would probably do this when fall hit even though it is still summer here).  I guess you know you bought something great when you don’t even want to part with it for a good washing!

My friends are coming to visit me in only 5 weeks!  It’s going to be my birthday, Megan’s birthday, Megan’s birthday, and Lydia’s birthday!  And yes I meant that there are 2 Megans.  I am beyond ecstatic by this and am literally counting down the days… 35 to be exact!  I might not stop talking about it for a while, so be ready.  And on the birthday note, I think for mine Adam is taking me beach camping!  So excited!

I’ll be around soon with a lot of pictures.  All my love.


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