I know I’ve only been married for half of a year (yeah!), but I feel like I have a few things that I might would like to share.

Before I was married, I sort of always thought I’d be the best wife ever.  Like a super-wife. Really.  I was very prideful of my dreams and hopes about being a wife and mommy.  I was home schooled for all of my high school years, which prepared me in a lot of ways for house-ly duties, and I got to see my momma in all of her splendor.  I’ve been a nanny since I was 15 and have had several nanny jobs that included keeping the house very well cleaned and organized.  I was (and am) basically a pro at what looks like perfect household management.

And then I married the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.  But as it turns out, he is way uber more organized than me…. cooks infinitely better… and has management/handy man skills that would put any other man to shame.  I thought I would be the one cleaning up my husbands messes and cooking dinner and grocery shopping.  I was totally prepared for all of that.  But as it turns out, all of those things that I thought I would be great at have failed me.  Because Adam is better at them than me.  And he cooks for me (because he LOVES cooking) and cleans up after me (because he has a servant’s heart).  It has been a huge learning experience for me, a huge source of humility, and I am more thankful than I can even describe.

I’m pretty certain that God has not stopped laughing at me during this time of teaching.  Because now I am not practicing all of those things entirely how I had imagined them, entirely as I was prepared for.  No way.  Now I am becoming the wife that God has called me to be, and there is now no pride involved.  Because I’m kind of bad at it.  In terms of my old good wife thoughts I stink.  I’m not as good of a cleaner, cooker, shopper, budgeter, cute in my little aprons as I thought I would be.  But in terms of who I am supposed to be as Adam’s wife, encourager, smiler, supporter, biggest fan, respect giver I am growing.  And I think that is infinitely better.

Thanks for being a perfect husband, Ad.


2 thoughts on “Learnings

  1. first of all, your writing is improving post by post. secondly, I love that you cover the spectrum of losing your pride to not looking as cute as you thought you would in your aprons (though I am sure you look adorable. and hot). i can’t wait to see you tuesday! you are such an amazing friend, and i am so blessed to watch your marriage with adam unfold from beginning until hopefully many many years from now.


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