Good morning! (afternoon)

Happy lazy saturday morning!  We just finished up a couple of bowls of homemade yummy cheese grits for breakfast.  I know a lot of people who don’t like grits, but just you wait until you try some homemade cheese kind and you’ll change your mind.  Yummy!

Last night was date night and we went to hear a couple of songwriters play at Bodega Bean.  It was so so good.!.

We love our friends and our coffee shop.

After a delicious nutritious lunch of mint chocolate icecream (and a proposed dinner of stove popped popcorn!) we went to the library.  I currently have about 7 books on my to read list… 4 novels, a book about how to live more simply, and a few books on how to get the most out of our tiny living space.  I’m more than excited to read them all.

And finally, tomorrow my sweet husband is getting baptized!  I am so happy and excited about this sweet day.  Pictures and stories to come.


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