I have a lot of friends that are married, are getting married, or want to get married someday that read my blog, and I think I might start posting about more things wifely.  Yes?

Adam is my favorite part about being married.  He is so funny and loving and protective and precious and God-fearing.  I love him!  We both have personalities that are caring and dependent.  That’s a good thing, but we’ve had our fair share of tender moments because we both feel so much of what the other person feels.  It gets a little emotional at points.  But I think we’ve only had approximately 3 arguments over the past 5 months.  One about me wanting to get rid of his old couch.  One about laundry.  And one that I’m not going to unfold here (got to keep a little mystery, right?).

All of that said, we have such a good time together!  It’s like every night is a sleepover with my best friend.  We literally have to make ourselves go to sleep at night sometimes.  Like today, we started the night out with devotions, a few stories about the day, a couple of tears and hugs.  And by the time the night was over we were drawing bumble bees on the bathroom mirror with markers and laughing so hard that everything tickles.

All I really wanted to say is, I love being married.  And it did take a few bends in the road to get here.  And I can’t wait to share more about these everyday things.  And I love my husband.


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