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My friend blogs real good about her family and things going on in her life.  If I ever had a blog hero/best inspiration/person I want to be like when I grow up it would be Jessi.  And we don’t even know each other real well, we just sort of passed by each other as youth group kid me/bible study leader her in a huge group full of middle school girls.  So, she’ll probably never even know she’s my hero.

The above link is a post by her that I can completely relate to.  Growing up in SC, I never found my place in the group of pearl necklaces, palmetto tree flip-flops, and Lilly Pulitzer dresses.  Although I tried my fair share of the trend.  I finally found a group of people similar to me in their preference for a plain wardrobe with a few quirky pieces mixed in.  A general love for cardigans and belts and boots and leafy things and plaid and what people might consider a hodgepodge of hipster/indie/classic and timeless/old all mixed together.  And I like that I don’t have to look like I live in South Carolina to love it there.

Growing up I always preferred the beach to the mountains.  The summer to the winter.  The sizzling heat to the bitter cold.  I would contribute that to the Southern belle influence of my surroundings.  But as I’ve grown up over the past few years, my love for fall time has grown to be the time of year that I can never get enough of.  Something about it makes me feel peaceful and comforted, and I long for those days.  I love cardigans and leggings and scarfs and peacoats.  I love to sip coffee and go on walks underneath colored trees.  I love fire places under the mantels, and open windows with candles lit all around my house.  I love cuddling under blankets with a good book.  I love pumpkin flavored anything and pumpkin looking anything and pumpkin scented anything.  It lifts my spirits from late September to Christmas.  In Columbia I can point out all of the things about fall that are so perfect.

The Greek Festival

The State Fair

Carolina Football

My birthday


Christmas Season

I can attest to loving all of those things up in Newtown too.  I even fell in love with the snow.

Which is perhaps one reason why Texas doesn’t sit well with me.  I would look and feel much better back up North where the weather begins to turn much earlier than mid-October.  Or the East where it at least stays in the 70’s for a few weeks, and there are exciting things planned for months.

I’m praying that my love for summer returns.  Or that the Texans don’t look at me funny when I decide to bundle up in my favorite clothes and light candles and and drink pumpkin coffee when it is still hot outside.

The good news is, Adam loves the warm.  So at least one of our pair will be happy through the upcoming months of hot during my usual favorite time of year.  But here’s to hoping that God has a cool autumn planned for Texas this year.


3 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. I just started weeping in Starbucks. Weeping.
    I have admired you, remembered you, facebook stalked you for years. I am not even kidding. When I pray about the gentle, quiet, beautiful spirit that I want the Lord to give me – I sometimes say, “remember Lord, that Erin? the one from Shandon? please, like her.”. That is the serious, serious, serious truth.

    Can we have a reunion and cuddle and you teach me how to be cool? Because also, my facebook stalking skills and now blog reading skills show that you are COOL. Way cooler than I am.

    Love you sister.


    • Jessi, cuddle reunion you teach me how to be cool, yes please! I maybe had a tear fest reading this and I can say the same things about you! Teach me how to be a cool wife and help me be a momma in the making? love you


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