Cool breezes and open windows

I’m here, sitting in my mother’s precious sun room that she recently acquired with their new house.  The weather here is perfect and so refreshing.  It is a sweet change from the Texas heat.  All of the windows are open, the breeze is blowing through, and I fall asleep at night with the perfect amount cool air on my face mixed with the smell of nature and Adam’s t-shirt that he sent with me to hold onto when I miss him. 

The reason I’m here is to surprise my dear friend for graduation and a trip to the beach!  I’m so excited. Tonight is her party, tomorrow is a nap day, and Monday will be here soon enough with warm sand and the big ocean.  I’ve kept this secret for a few months now, and it feels so good to say that I’m here!  I’ll update as soon as I can, but no promises that it will be before I get back home next week.  For now, I’m really enjoying my River and Brittany (yes, they came too!), yard sale shopping with my momma, listening to Papa’s dinner prayers, and late nights with my Bucky and Kayla.  All that’s missing is my love, but he is here in all of my thoughts.  If he was here too, this is the life I could get used to.


2 thoughts on “Cool breezes and open windows

  1. aww i wish adam could be there with you too!!!! it’s so hard to when you are soooo happy to be with your family but at the same it isn’t complete because your husband isn’t there and he’s the one who completes you! much love


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