Mispronounced words 1st Edition

The kids I nanny for say the funniest things.  Mostly, words that they can’t pronounce.  Here is my favorite list (and their translations):

1. Uhcuz- because

2. Awkcaroni and cheese- macaroni and cheese.

3. Bestead- instead

4. Uffins- muffins

5. Cousand- husband

6. Aman- Adam

7. Erin (pronounced Ur-in. Ur as in rhymes with Her.)

8. Belly Belly- Belly Button

9. Wimming- Swimming

10. Buzz Likeyear!- self explanatory

11. And lastly, Crackers.  But not just plain crackers.  Somehow they drag the word crackers out harder than any country bumpkin I’ve never met.  More like carayackers. !

More to come, I’m sure.


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