I was reading my friend’s blog today, and she is a newly wed just like me.  Also, on a little tangent, is it just me or is everyone all of a sudden getting engaged around here?  I must have started a trend.  Probably not, but it’s really fun to see all of these people that I love and hold so close to my heart get married!  It’s my age, I’m certain.  Back to my friend’s blog.  She got married about 2 months ago and suddenly she is wanting a baby.  Real bad.  Of course her husband says “No” (and it’s ok by her because she isn’t sure if she really wants a baby yet for real).  And I just want to say for everyone to hear, that I too have already felt the baby longings.


Literally the day after my wedding people were already asking when we were going to have kids.  Let me just tell ya, I wasn’t ready to share Adam with anyone the day after our wedding.  But I think it’s kind of like when you are a little kid and you spend all of your days daydreaming about “when I’m big”.  And then you get big and want to drive, and graduate highschool, and then college, and then want to meet a significant other, and then get married and live happily ever after.

And then have a baby.

But then after talking it out, we are pretty sure that we are going to wait a year or two before we expand our family.  So now you know.


2 thoughts on “Little

  1. Yeah, I think you nailed it with the comparison to wanting to grow up and do the next big thing. After awhile, the sound of people asking about children will become just a small hum in the background…especially after being married for 5 years!


  2. I love this post, so so much. First, because I can relate so well to that constant longing for the next step in life…oh how the Lord is teaching me contentment. Secondly, I get tired of hearing people ask OTHER people the baby question, just like I get tired of people asking me “when are you getting married!!?” and then you say, Hell if I know, but thanks for rubbing in a deep spiritual longing that I am trying to learn to wait and trust the Lord in. :) I love you! Can’t wait for October. and 10am this morning when we have our phone date!


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