Bodega Bean

Bodega Bean is the sweetest, newest, precious-est coffee shop in Belton.  I would just spend all of my time here if I could, let them keep a running tab of all my coffee and cupcake purchases, nestle down in my little corner with a ton of books and journals and canvases and paints and music, and have my friends drop in every once in a while for some good talk.  Of course, my husband would be beside me the entire time, and we would retreat to our house every so often for a good change of clothes and perhaps a little sleep (since they close at midnight.  oh yeah, and because we have jobs).  We love it there!

Tonight we kicked off our first night as COM group leaders for some conversation and suggestions on what we will be doing this semester and year.  So far, we’ve definitely landed on C.S. Lewis.  The book is of yet undecided, but we had a wonderful time with the few people that stopped in to share their hearts with us on these things.  I am so excited about how God is leading my heart in this area.  Adam has been a wonderful encourager for me, and I am really looking forward to being his helper in leading our group in Bible and God talk in our little living room.

Perhaps my favorite part of the evening was playing a little game of scrabble with my love.

The only thing that may make me not like this place is perhaps the truth in that we spend way too much money there.  Alas, it’s good for the heart.  Also, there are some old writings on the walls from the late 1800’s.  Which I love!  And btw, we didn’t keep score on our scrabble game.  But I’ll pretend that Adam won…


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