New things

I have a confession to make.  Something so wildly different than what I ever would have imagined, so much so that it frightens me a little.  My confession is:

I like it here.  maybe.

Let’s begin with I have been struggling so much with living in Texas.  I don’t want to call it my home, even though it is and may be for another year or two or three.  I long for South Carolina daily, the sweet church and fellowship that I have there.  It’s my home that won’t be replaced by mere months of living somewhere else.  I’ll always return.  I grew up there, I want to raise my children there.  I’ve been praying that the Lord would settle my heart for this time, and make Temple a place that isn’t a daily struggle for me just being here.  At the very most, I was expecting a few friends that I would hate to say goodbye to when God allows us to move again.  So I do sort of hesitate to say that I like it here.  Because maybe I just don’t hate it as much as I thought I did.  So the change is a breath of fresh air.

For those of you who don’t know, we have been praying about leading a small group at our house and last night we joined The Vista.  I am so excited about this time and learning how to lead, being challenged by the consistent mentoring and accountability that we expect to find here.  Also, my sweet husband is getting baptized next month!  I am overwhelmed with beautiful things.

This week has been so fun!  We met a couple friend that like us as much as we like them, and that is sometimes hard to come by.  On Thursday we went to Austin for a free Hayes Carll concert, a picnic on the grass, and a fire spinning show, where I met another new friend that I just want to rave about.  These people are great!  We went swing dancing on Saturday and met a guy who is trying to start up a swing dance club up in Waco, which would be awesome for us because it is so close.  Belton opened up a precious coffee house that I just want to go to all the time.  It’s sweet that the things I have been missing so much are suddenly here.  Friends, dancing, and a coffee shop.  God is beautiful… and has been blessing me lately.  A lot!  AND, we are about 2 weeks from getting a car!  That will literally change our lives.

This weekend, I read something written by a woman that I know who has such a lovely heart.  Here‘s what I’ve been meditating on lately as it applies to me.


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