I got the BEST surprise today!  A package from my brother Bucky and his sweet girlfriend (who is also my favorite friend) Kayla.  I am beside myself with joy at this sweet surprise.  I just love mail…. letters are one of the most thoughtful things I can think to receive from someone.  But a package?!  A whole box just for me?!  The most best most thoughtful most beautiful and sweet and friendly thing I can imagine!

Thank you sweet girl!

Inside was:

2 handwritten notes… 1 from Kay and 1 from Bucky.  (plus an extra little note for all the presents)

Tasty Kakes!!!!!!!  They are made and sold only in Pa, but they are my favorite snack, and they are so yummy!  They even survived the 26 hour + drive in the mail.

a brown clutch!

a bag of Starbucks Kenya coffee.  :)

a cd of pictures from my months in Pa.

some candles

some note cards (with a recommended list of who to write notes to)

some gum

and a little craft to do with the kids I nanny for.

So precious!  Thank you sweet love.

My favorite picture of these two.


One thought on “Package!

  1. I am overjoyed that it arrived, that you love it, that the tasty kakes were edible, and that you even put it on your blog :-) Oh I just love you!!


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