Healthful Thoughts

Here I am, 9 days into my “No Junk July” and I’m remorseful over the french fry hangover I acquired from lunch.  In my defense, I am a nanny, and therefore feel obligated to accept free food from them because “I mean hey, it’s free”.  The daddy came home from lunch early today, surprising the kids with happy meals, the mom with a #something with a diet coke, and me too.

Let me digress and say that I am going on a vegetarian adventure.  Not because I don’t like meat, feel like the animals are treated unfairly, think that red meat is bad for me, or because it’s kind of in style.  (I do actually think that animals are treated aweful, given too many unhealthy hormones, and it is kinda a cool thing to do, but it hasn’t of yet motivated me to action as far as being a real, bonafide vegetarian goes).  I actually have decided that when my body processes meat, it hurts my kidneys.  Only after I’ve had a kidney stone, and only for a week or so. But still.  It is enough to make me want to stay away from anything that used to be alive with a family, couple of kids, made a little noise from it’s mouth.  I am going to still eat fish.  Also, this little adventure was coming to a close because I will confess to eating a corndog (healthy, right?) the other day for lunch.  It hurt my kidneys so I jumped back on the bandwagon.  And today my friend Megan challenged me to keep being a vegetarian for 3 more weeks.  I think I can do it.  She’s awesome and will be food blogging me some good meal ideas.  I am still eating fish.  And also, I might research why being a vegetarian is a good thing and at least make a better effort to buy hormone free foods and grass fed animals.  Or start my own farm.

Back to the McDonald’s.  I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese, no quarter pounder please.  No meat that is.  Meal.  That includes fries and a drink.  I ate my meatless hamburger.  and the fries, most of the drink, and some of the kids fries too.  Lets face it, those little ones really just go for the toy.  And I confess to a cookie (3).  They were chocolate chip, so no judging please.  Sigh.  Alas my “No Junk July” has turned into a “No Meat but Anything Else is Fine July”.  I’m working on it.  I have big dreams.

Moving along.

I am now sitting here in my workout clothes trying to motivate myself to go run on the treadmill for a little while.  Do you want to know what my excuse is?  It’s getting ready to rain and I don’t want to get my tennis shoes wet when I walk to the work out room that is a couple of meters around the corner.  Seriously.  lame.  I know.  Also I just took a shower and I smell nice like eucalyptus. Hmmm.

Anyway, here are some books that Adam picked up for me at the library.  And I just got some free tennis rackets, and there are some free tennis courts within bike riding distance from my house.  Have I mentioned also that since I’ve been married I have gained 10 pounds by riding my bicycle EVERY SINGLE WHERE I GO?  Ok, I’ll go run my miles now.  One last thing before the books… Ad is doing a triathlon and I’m so proud.  I’m going to try to train with him.  Just for fun…


3 thoughts on “Healthful Thoughts

  1. The books are lovely, and the tea set is beautiful. Still, my favorite thing about this picture is the glimpse of a twinkle light on the right side- proof that you decorate with Christmas lights. I LOVE IT. It is so you, one of my favorite parts about your old room.


  2. Sweet Kayla!
    You make me smile so big. You would love my little apartment… i have some twinkle lights in my living room, dining room, and bedroom. haha. But mostly now they just frame windows instead of the whole room. I love you so much precious. And I will always decorate with christmas tree lights for as long as I live… and think of you!


  3. I read ‘Eating Animals’ last year, and it changed my life for awhile. I’m not very strong willed. But, it helped that I’m not a big meat eater in the first place. Anywho, you should look into it. I love the author. P.S. everyone gains weight when they first get married. I think it’s a law or something.


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