Happy 4th of July weekend!

Here are a couple of highlights from my weekend!  I hope yours has been great too!

1. We have a car for the weekend…. awesome!

2. Mexican food.

3. Chick-fil-a coupon for a free spicy chicken sandwich.

4. A cute skirt, belt, and necklace from Banana Republic that was a present from Adam’s mom and dad!

5. Kidney stones… terrible, but otherwise a blessing because God made them go away in just an hour instead of 3 days like last time.  Thanks, God!

6. Austin, TX.  My favorite place.  Lots of memories from when Megan and Andrew and I came for a week last summer to help Adam move in.  I wish you guys could come with us every time we go to Austin.

7. Waterloo records.  Punch Brothers, Fun., and The Get Up Kids!

8. WholeFoods.  I could buy everything in there. I tried on a pair of Toms (someday I’ll buy them).  But I got $8 worth of blueberries, some vegan fudge, a huge apple dipped in caramel and chocolate chips, and some almond milk.  And some granola. And some lentils.

9. Urban Outfitters.  I just love that place.

10. HOMESLICE!  The most sentimental part of the trip.  We had to wait an hour plus to get seated… that place is hoppin!  But we went out on the back patio and hung out with each other and some good drinks, some good conversation, reminiscing about the last time we were there with M and A, looking forward to next time we are there with a lot more of our friends, and enjoying the wait for the most part.  We didn’t actually get our food until about 9:45 so I was hungry!  But the pizza was so worth it.

11. Picnic today at Miller Park with our COM group and celebrating Jessica’s birthday.  Awesome fireworks to be expected.

12. A husband who blesses me by cleaning the house while I sleep in.

13. Our little garden in our kitchen window is GROWING.  overgrowing.  We are moving them to the back porch (adam is moving them to the back porch) as we speak.  I can’t wait to eat everything!

14. Having tomorrow off… so good!  I expect to sleep late again, journal and bible and life plan, read, maybe dance a little in my living room.



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