Shrinking my belly

I’ve been busy lately with starting full time at work.  I guess it caught me a little bit off guard how tired I would be, but let’s just say I’m hoping my energy level picks up after I get used to the extra days.  Also I will say, here on my blog for all to see, that I am embarking on a journey to get smaller.  I’ll start by saying that I tried this before my wedding, but a two month engagement sort of limits what you can do, ya know?  I’ve been meaning to start exercising/stop eating icecream and cupcakes/ remember to take my vitamins for a while now but the following is what I shall call my motivational speech.  Yesterday I took the nannied kids swimming.  This is a quote from one of the 4 year old twins:

“Your belly’s getting big ’cause ya been ‘eating too much food.”  And he just looked up me and grinned as cute as could be.

I don’t know if I’ll actually blog the process or not, but I’m just letting everybody know for my own good.


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