The lilacs of our love shall stay

I am so happy that today begins a weekend of beautiful things.  I am really excited about making my house lovely, learning new things, and growing in the Lord.  I am always happiest and most content when I’m singing a song, doing something with art, reading something good, writing, or hanging out with Adam.  or eating.  .

Ad picked these up from the library for me, and I’m really excited about them all.  I am taking any and every book recommendation this summer.

This one is so happy to me.  I might have to buy it because I cannot put it down.  I am learning so much about how to screen print, block print, hand print, with stamps, on paper, wood, fabric, etc. etc.  We are thinking about starting up something on the side to sell on etsy.  Maybe humble beginnings in some natural/organic stationary and working our way up and out from there.  I dream of this.

I rescued these old windows from an antique store nearby my house.  I love old windows.  I had one hanging in my room for a long time, used it at my wedding, and gave it to Megan for her birthday.  I’m not sure what I will do with them yet, but I’m thinking a poem or hymn written on the panes, maybe hang them in my room or living room.  Or I might add some hooks to the bottom and make a coat rack.  Or hang it in the bathroom to hang my towels on.  I’m leaning towards the old hymn.

And these are our tomatoes growing in our kitchen window. So exciting!

Oh yes, and Ad is precious and went to the store and bought me some bananas, strawberries, oatmeal, and flaxseed.  I love him.


One thought on “The lilacs of our love shall stay

  1. A Severe Mercy is probably my top favorite book, but for so many layered reasons and I still think about it/analyze it months and months after reading and re-reading. you are going to LOVE it. That print by hand book looks incredible. I wish I was as diligent with my time outside of work as you are. i need to learn some lessons from you


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