Kebabs, mangos, and fireflies

Every Friday, Adam and I have date night.  Sometimes we go out dancing, watch a movie, shop.  Most weeks we end up trying out a new mexican place, hoping to find a great one.  Last Friday was probably my very most favorite date night so far, and I want to share it.  We made chicken kebabs with grilled mango.  It was very delicious!

I found the recipe at REAL SIMPLE

We don’t have a grill and ended up cooking ours on broil in the oven.  It worked well, but had to be cooked just a tad longer than the recipe says.  I think the mangos would have been slightly better with a smokey taste, but mangos are mangos and they are just good.  I remember when I was little thinking that mangos tasted like a mixture of carrots and peaches and I hated them.  But when I went to Nicaragua, I fell in love with the little fruit.  There are so many mangos there, and we picked them off the trees about 5 times a day to eat.  And now they have a precious place in my heart.  If you have never eaten a mango, I would like to suggest… if you are going to eat it straight… that you cut the fruit off of the seed before attempting to eat it.  Otherwise, you end up with strings of mango in your teeth that are hard to get out.  Somehow that is the way it is.  Also if you are a little adventurous, try green mangos that aren’t quite ripe with lime juice and salt!

After cooking dinner, Ad and I decided to explore the neighborhood a little bit on our bicycles.  It is beautiful after the sun goes down.  Mostly because the weather cools down a lot and it’s much more enjoyable to be outside.  We went to the playground and slid down the slides, and there were so many lightening bugs lighting up the park.  I wish that I could take a picture to capture those little fireflies.

One thing I love about my Adam is that he knows how to have fun in all of the simple and little ways.  We have had the best time just hanging out together.  And being like little kids again.  Beautiful.


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