To do list

I like lists.  A lot.  Also today is my very last day off of work before I start full time next week.  Full time, forever.  I am very very happy about the extra money, but I am so very much going to miss lazy Tuesday-Thursdays.  Technically, this Thursday is a day off, but I’m going to Austin with my friend Jocylin to shop (window shop because I already used up all of my spending money this month on a blender and some new shoes.)  So this is what I plan on doing today.

1. Sleep until I wake up.  Mission accomplished…. 10:30 am.

2. Sit in bed with a cup of coffee and watch The Bachelorette and If I Can Dream on hulu.  After that, read the new Real Simple magazine that came in the mail.  After that, read the book Adam got me from the library on design that I’ll probably end up blogging about (still in bed)

3. Blog about date night from last Friday and the good food and adventure I had with Adam. (still in bed)

4. I’ll probably then get up and take a shower and go outside on the front porch and spend the afternoon writing and reading the Bible and day dreaming.

5. Go to Lizzy’s birthday party at BJ’s tonight.

I just want to be lazy on my last day home.  And also wash clothes.  Does anybody read my blog anyways?


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