Romantic Luxuries

I have been really into making my house beautiful, making everything I do beautiful.  Making the most mundane tasks beautiful.  Making me beautiful.  Making like more relaxing. and. beautiful.

Here is my wish list of some beautiful things I want!

Lollia Grenadine and Tonic Clover Blossom Shampoo

This stuff smells so delicious and makes me want to jump into the shower first thing in the morning and any time of day.  I usually like to stay in my pajamas for as long as I can, but I savor each moment I can have with this little tube of goodness.  It costs $7.50 for 1.5 ounces, which does not last long for me, especially with my long hair.  What I usually do is wash my hair with regular shampoo, and then run this through just for the scent so I don’t have to use as much.  Oh what I would do to be able to wash my hair with this every day!  They also have an incredible shower gel with a similar scent ($8.50 each for the same size) and a great selection of candles.  So yummy!

Fluer of England Sunshine Silk Kimono

I would never leave my house!  It looks so silky and beautiful.  I take that back… I might leave my house if my backyard was a field of daisies and there was nobody to be seen for miles.

Clairelafaye on Etsy

I think this dress is stunning, though I have nowhere to wear it to.  And it costs $1,295.oo.

Cath Kidston Floral Tent

This tent makes me want to go camping soon!  I like the outdoors a LOT, but I’m the type that like to come back inside for a shower and a good sleep.  But this adorable tent makes me want to pack a lot of cozy blankets and pillows, a satchel full of good books and some summer dresses, and spend a whole week camping!

This is my homemade body scrub.  Olive oil and sugar mixed together and I added a splash of rose oil to make it smell yummy.  Slather this concoction all over and you’ll feel like butter, and watch the water droplets as you rinse off.  Luxurious pampering homemade style.

Ah, lingerie laundry detergent and dryer sheets from Victoria’s Secret.  A friend gave me these as a gift for my wedding shower, and it is one of my favorite things.  I want to wash all of my clothes in this precious detergent because it smells so sweet.  It makes laundry time special!



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