summer fashion on the cheap

The long awaited summer fashion blog.

This summer, Adam gave me a clothing budget of $150.  (He gets a hobby budget)  I asked my friend Carley to help me pick out some good things for summer on a budget.  She is going to famous someday in NYC at a big fashion show one of these days, and in fact goes to school for the subject.  She did a blog post for me about what she would spend the $150 on if she could spend it for me, and you can check that out here…    (not for the faint of heart)

I love it!  Thank you Carley!

Here is what I spent my $150 on:

Romper NY&Co. :) $22 on sale.               With this cute Red Sailor Cardigan $20 Urban Outfitters

I love it.  Carley recommended both of these things, and I would recommend them to you as well!  So good and summery and fun.  I’m considering other ways to wear the romper.  Probably with a different belt or some cute necklaces.

Gold Sandals Target $12

Carley recommended brown sandals, but my Target doesn’t carry the brown ones so I’m still on the lookout.  I thought these were a cute trade off for now, and I can wear them with a lot of things too.  :)

Teal clutch $10 Urban Outfitters

I love it!  I live out of clutches (don’t ask me how) and this is a great summer color that I love.

There are a few things on Carley’s blog that she recommended to me that sold out faster than I could order them offline.  :(  BUT, there is an awesome thrift store in Austin called The Buffalo Exchange that has great clothes, and I got some good finds there.  The prices aren’t as cheap as most thrift stores, and are comparable to Target prices, but the clothes are gently used or new and would be expensive if bought from the company.

Dress Numph $13

This dress is so comfortable, cute and I can wear it by itself or with a belt, stockings and a sweater, boots, anything.  I like the buttons.

T-shirt Dress Tresics $10

This dress is a basic, gray v neck t-shirt dress and it is perfect.  I love t-shirts, and anything comfortable and this is a great any time of day dress.  So casual, but I could dress it up really quickly with a scarf and some boots or a nice belt and some heels.  I just added a necklace for today.

Dress Target $10

I added my own belt, but the material is very light and I like the color block.  Normally, I don’t love all things like this, but this one I love!

These add up to around $100.  With my other $50, I bought a button down plaid shirt, a purple dress, some blue heels, and some khaki shorts with gold sailor buttons all from BE.  I’m having trouble uploading those pictures, but they are all great and will lead me from summer into fall, which is kind of short lived here in Texas, I think.  Along with the other basics I have in my closet and some great accessories, I think this summer will be good!  I’m still eyeing some nude heels and perhaps a few more dresses, and I want some TOMS.  I’m beginning to move out of the clothing budget because I’m eyeing some beautiful things for my apartment.  I’ll let you know what I find.


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