Adventures in Austin… and Salado

I wish I could be more like those people who have a blog for every day of the week… or at least for every few days.  I think my life in general is a little on the slow side from not having a car, so I might have to start making my own adventures.

I have a 6 day holiday from work this week, and I plan on doing some exciting things!  Yesterday was the start of my vacation and I started the day with a little drive down to Austin with my friend Dani.  She is absolutely precious, and it was a sweet time for me because it was the first time I have spent any kind of girl time with anybody whilet I’ve been here.  The morning was supposed to include a very exciting class called “ballet fit” at Ballet Austin.  We got there, really excited and prepared with our ballet shoes, to find that the class was cancelled.  So we went out to lunch at Froots and to Anthropologie for some really serious browsing.  :)  It is my favorite store by a long shot, but my budget misses the mark for anything in the store by like $100.  And I am praising the Lord as we speak for providing all of my needs and for not letting me lust over what I can’t have (I hope that sounded more convincing than it actually feels !!

After returning from Austin, Dani let us borrow their car.  It was such a blessing and Adam and I used it to our full advantage by taking a little drive to Salado, TX which is about 15 minutes from our house.  Salado is pretty artsy, not my kind of art… more whimsical kinds of things, but they have some cute places to grab coffee and it can be fun to walk around.  Anyway, we arrived in the little town at about 4:35 and soon realized that everything closes at 4:45 sharp.  Seriously, even the signs on the doors said they close at 5, but all the doors were locked when we tried to go in.  Hence the 4:45 sharp.  So we came back to Temple, went grocery store shopping, ate a little dinner, and spent the rest of our evening teaching me how to drive a stick.  I did great, if I can say that, and only stalled out one time.  Very exciting for me, because all the people here drive cars with sticks and I can never borrow a car because I don’t know how to drive that kind.  First lesson down, a few more to go, and I’ll be out on these streets real soon.

Today I was planning on going thrift store shopping with a friend of mine who got sick, so we’ll have to re-schedule that for next week.  And tomorrow night is the long awaited Luke Longino and Kelsey Cook wedding!  Pictures and stories from that to come this weekend.

Also, Adam buzzed his hair.  Actually, I buzzed his hair for him and then I cried.  But I’m thinking about taking a poll from you guys… Adam with longer, cute, boyish, wispy hair that curls around his ears…. or Adam with a buzz.  I’m not going to tell you which one I prefer (long!) but I do want to know what kind of hair you guys prefer from your men!  Also, do you like whiskers or clean shaven?


One thought on “Adventures in Austin… and Salado

  1. I like my guys to have a buzz in the summer, but maybe a short-Ryan-Seacrest-like cut in the cooler months.



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