Life has been a little bit crazy lately, and my little corner of the blog world has gotten pushed back on my list of things that need to happen.  But today, it needs to happen!  I am working on my previously mentioned reply post to the brilliant Carley Davis’s fashion blog that she did for me, but I’m having trouble formatting all of the words and pictures to my liking.  I’m not super talented when it comes to technology, so apologies for the delay.  You can see Carley’s post at…

Carley’s Blog

Work is going great great great.  The kids have taken to calling “Nana”, short for Nanny, and also what my momma calls herself.  In my mind it’s a grandma name, but it’s growing on me and is quite endearing.  Those kids could drive me crazy all day long and then say something to the effect of “Nana, how come you can’t pull your belly button out?” (they all have outties and I have an innie) and it just makes me laugh.  Also, they call Adam my Cousand which I’ve decided is a mix of cousin and husband.  Its cute.

I’m getting super better at riding my bicycle.  To get anywhere is about 5 miles there up some hills, and then 5 miles to somewhere else, and then 5 miles back home, so I get some riding.  It doesn’t sound terribly hard except that it’s hot and so it’s harder than it sounds.  But it’s also breezy here which is nice.

The biggest and most exciting news of the week is that maybe some friends from SC are taking a road trip to see me for fall break.  That might be the best thing I’ve heard in the last few months.  And possibly what will help me make it through the summer.  As far as friends go, we are meeting some very nice people, just different from the friendships we had at HotL.  Thank you Megan (and maybe Andrew and Carley and anyone else?)!  My mind is already daydreaming about this.

Finally, God is teaching me so much.  Adam and I started reading some really good books and are doing Bible study together which is really good.  I had a big breakdown a few nights ago and I was sure that there is nothing good in my life except that I am going to heaven and that I have Adam.  The truth is, that’s kind of all that matters is that I have Jesus.  But I realized how selfish I am and how many good things I do have and the Lord has been restoring my joy.

So that’s it for now in the Bedenbaugh house.  We started growing a garden a couple of weeks ago and everything has started to sprout (almost everything).  I’ll let you know how that goes.



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