Adam and I have been eyeing Ikea bookcases ever since my first visit last August (I know I’m a little late getting into the Ikea business, but now is as good as ever). Also, we took a trip though Selma to visit my cousins on our road trip out to Austin with Megan and Andrew, stopped in H and E’s house, and have talked about the bookcases in their dining room ever since (which I also suspect came from Ikea). Anyway, enough about that place.  We are here in our new apartment now, and have had boxes and piles of books sitting around here for weeks.  Due to the fact that we are saving for a car (and a dresser), and the fact that my husband likes to make things, and by things I mean anything that is humanly possible to make without large machinery, which is a blog all by itself, we decided to make our own bookcase.  Because homemade things are way better.

I noticed that I put a lot of commas and parenthesis in the previous paragraph.

Thanks God for providing us with the funds to make our own bookcase!  And also to the Smith family for letting us borrow their car for the past few weekends so that we could get the supplies.

Adam and I went to the nearest Lowe’s to pick out wood and screws and stainer.  We decided to model our bookcase after the one in the library of Verana, our honeymoon location. We got to work right away!  After cutting the boards into appropriate heights, we got to work staining.  That took about a week, since we could only stain when the sun was behind our apartment building.  I tried staining one time on my day off, midday, and it was a disaster.  The Texas sun dried the stain faster than I could apply it, which does not make for smooth blending.

About day 6, we were able to start putting the pieces together.  Really, I must commend Adam because he did most of the coats of staining and also all of the construction.  I was good for team morale.

So, here is our living room before.

And after!

I like it.  I like that the shelves are big enough to hold records for when we get a record player someday.  And I like the lamp/space to put your drink.  And I like that if we ever want to make it taller we can just add another layer to the top anytime we want to.

And I like that Adam is making homemade chai tea with espresso while I blog.


5 thoughts on “Bookcase

  1. I like to keep my hands busy and it’s fun making stuff! You did a wonderful job at team morale, but you also were a huge amount of help, too!


  2. OH my WORD. that is the coolest shelf ever, and so much love and handiwork went into it. how much did the supplies cost you? can you write down the steps before you forget so i can try to make one similar when i am a homemaker one day? i am so jealous. it is BEAUTIFUL. it fits your style and your apartment so well.


  3. This is so spectacular. I simply love it- but not as much as I love the two of you. I think the only thing it needs is an 8×10 framed picture from your wedding. (… and perhaps a smaller framed picture of your favorite people in Pennsylvania!) Have I mentioned yet how much I love youuuuu?!?


  4. You guys are so precious! Meg, the supplies were about $150. I think the bookcases of similar size are about $200 or $250 at Ikea, but we wanted to fit records on the bookcase, and we wanted brown wood. I’ll give you a bookcase recipe sometime in the near future :)


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