The best sort of day

If you look at my previous blog, I mentioned that I wished we could get a second bicycle. Handled…

Our car got totaled this week, and a new car is not in our budget. So, we got a second bicycle! Best day ever! And, I say that with true happiness. Adam and I went on a ride this afternoon and it was really sweet. We will be saving up to buy a new car, but it’s fun riding bicycles in the spring.

Tomorrow I start my new job as a nanny, and turns out they only live a mile away. I think all of these things add up to not being a coincidence. Our God is a good and He provides. No more car loan, exercise, spring time, work being a mile away… blessings all of them. And my bicycle has a cute little basket to put groceries in and surprises that maybe I will find on the side of the road to and from work everyday.

Also, today was good because I got mail from a friend in China.  It was wonderful.


3 thoughts on “The best sort of day

  1. I have so many emotions when reading this. obsession with the bedenbaugh household, overwhelming joy for you, a little bit of jealousy for married life and a new bicycle. mainly i just miss the heck out of you and love you to death.


  2. erin bedenbaugh, i love you to pieces. i love your dress, and your sweater, and your sunglasses, and your BIKE. but most of all, i love you.


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