bicycles and a new job

I wish that we could get a second bicycle. It would be a lot of fun to go on an outing with adam, just ride around temple together.

I feel a little happy that I have a job now, a little sad that the pace of my life is getting ready to pick up. It makes me want to hide under a blanket. But I will be more productive now that I have a real agenda, and a time frame for getting things done.
Oh yes…… I got a job! Part time for starters, but hey, it’s a good job. I will help the momma, she has 5 kids. They are precious. I start on Wednesday! Also, I must say, that I have been dreaming about the little things ever since I met them. On my interview, one of the little guys came right into the living room, took my hands in his hands, and started telling me all about life. By the time I left, we were inseparable. I think they might be keepers.

What does this mean for me? Just that Tuesdays and Thursdays I will have to begin guarding fiercely. I need some quiet time with Jesus, time for chores, just to sit and let the breeze blow through the house and my hair, maybe do a little yoga, cook, hang out with ad when he comes home for lunch.
I am beginning to enjoy this town a little bit.


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